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Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane

Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane by BPC offers fast & professional same day service to private sellers, dealers or car auctions at a competitive price so you know what you’re buying fast.

  • Specialising in mobile pre purchase inspections
  • We call seller to arrange inspection time
  • We offer same day service
  • We include revs check (PPSR Report)
  • We send reports and call instantly
  • Check price. Then get vehicle inspection 2 STEPS

Get Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane Price

When buying a private car you definitely don’t want to buy another persons problem. Another reason is you don’t want to waste your hard earned money and pay too much for a vehicle. If the vehicle needs repairs, servicing or has safety defects you want to know about it before you buy it. So you can get the facts and make a wise buying decision contact BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections anytime.

So How Much Do Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspections Cost by BPC?

Price varies depending on the suburb and if a travel charge has to be applied. Therefore inspection costs start from $170 for most common standard passenger vehicles. For four-wheel-drive vehicles prices start from $190. I think you would agree this is an inexpensive convenient solution to protecting yourself from buying a mechanically unsound used car.

Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Report Categories:

  • Engine – Visual, noise/sound, test drive
  • Fuel System – Visual, operational
  • Exhaust System – Visual, operational
  • Cooling System – Visual, operational
  • Transmission/Differential – Visual, noise/sound, test drive
  • Electrical System – Visual, operational
  • Heater/Demister/Air Conditioning – Visual, operational
  • Brakes – Visual, test drive
  • Clutch – Visual, test drive
  • Steering & Suspension – Visual, noise/sound, testing for wear, test drive
  • Vehicle Body – Visual, operational
  • Cabin Interior – Visual, operational
  • Wheels & Tyres – Visual
  • Road Test – Performance, noise/sound, operational

You Also Get REVS Check Report Or PPSR Report

Another important check that is included in the vehicle inspection is to see if there’s a financial security interest attached to the vehicle. When you’re buying used car from dealer in qld you are guaranteed clear title on the vehicle. If you’re buying a used car from private seller in qld you need to do a PPSR Check or known as REVS Check to check the vehicle history.

Vehicle History Report Includes The Following:

  • Official PPSR check
  • Financial Encumbrances – Money owing on the vehicle
  • Stolen Vehicle Status
  • Written Off Status (WOVR)
  • Storm, Flood, Collision

Finally Verbal Inspection Report

An easy to understand over the phone report explaining any problems or areas of concern noted on the pre purchase inspection report. Also if the vehicle condition is consistent with the age and kilometers traveled.

Why Choose BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections?

  • BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections gives you the buyer the necessary information to make a wise purchasing decision. It determines if the seller has put back what they have taken by routine servicing of the vehicle and regular replacement of periodic service items.
  • You will know of any costs that you may be up for if you decide to purchase the vehicle giving you a powerful negotiating tool to help negotiate used car price saving you money!
  • You will be armed with some powerful tools to buy the right car at the right price and give yourself peace of mind that you are not being ripped off or part of some car selling scam before handing over your hard earned money.
  • Car buyers get a fast, affordable & convenient service that delivers both written pre purchase vehicle inspection report & vehicle history report directly to your inbox. You will also receive a verbal report over the phone that will be easy to understand so you can make the right buying decision.

BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Reviews

BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection, Google Review

Hi Craig, thanks for doing the inspection. The owner said you were very thorough. We purchased the vehicle & I have booked it in for a service on Saturday with my mechanic. My son is wrapped.
Thanks once again
Regards Gavin.

Finally How To Book Mobile Pre Purchase Car Inspection Brisbane Service?

To book simply call 0408 611 550 or Book Online in two steps