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Ford Territory Inspection Tips & Common Problems

Ford Territory Inspection Tips to help you make the right buying decision and negotiate the right price. An inspection is a must for common problems especially if you’re looking to buy one with a bit of age.

image ford territory engine rear main oil seal leak

Engine Rear Main Oil Seal Leak

Firstly, there are some well known documented common problems or often referred to as text book problems with the Ford Territories due to the vehicles weight, high kilowatts and purpose of use, i.e., like towing, the suspension components are subject to excessive wear and tear.

Well documented problems like the ball joints have been in the media over time.

Also the rear differential bush along with other related components.

The good news is that there is a quick fix to most problems as shown in the videos below and parts are readily available.

Ford Territory Inspection Tips For Rear Differential Bush Damage

When the transmission is placed in drive or reverse you can sometimes hear a bang or loud clunking noise. This is also heard under acceleration and you may feel a jolt as well.

So what is it? The text book problem for this one is usually the Rear Differential Bushing. The purpose of the bushing is to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheels smoothly but if worn excessively the problem is easily detected. Also, if not replaced early can cause damage to the other bushes and related components.

Guide To Checking Ford Territory Rear Differential Bush On Test Drive

To make sure the rear differential bushings are not worn or damaged is to test the vehicle under acceleration. On take off, during kickdown (transmission shifting down gears with accelerator pressed) and in reverse listen for a banging sound or sudden Jolt. This usually indicates the rear center differential bush has cracked and become loose like in the video below.

Secondly, other problems that come with age and not detected until you get underneath the vehicle. The tip here is to have a general look at various components like steering rack boots, ball joint boots and tie rod end boots for any splits as shown in below images.

Another important tip whilst inspecting the vehicle underneath is to try and establish how the vehicle was used. E.g., you can see in the images that this Ford Territory was used for launching and retrieving a boat by the rust on the towbar.

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Overall the Ford Territory is an honest vehicle and will do the job. Just like all vehicles they are subject to common problems and recalls over time.

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