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Government Car Auctions – Guide To Buying

Government Car Auctions is where you can get your hands on a near new car and save hundreds even thousands.

Safe to say, safety and reliability are the two most important features most car buyers want when they’re in the market to purchase their first or next car. Especially if you’re buying for your kids. But it usually comes at a much higher price than one wants to spend, until now.

Government Car Auctions

Savvy parents are discovering car auctions is where they can get the most important features in a car at a great price. Even when buying a first car for their kids under 10k.

To be able to get the best of both worlds it does mean you have to do a little bit more work. But thanks to the internet and car inspection services like BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections it’s made faster, safer and even easier.

In fact many parents organise a pre purchase vehicle inspection, then if the car is good they just bid and buy online. Car Auctions are so much more professional these days they even offer transport services for delivery. Wow, buying a car online is possible.

Can Buying Used Cars From Car Auctions Be Risky?

Yes, but that risk can be minimized if you buy from reputable car auction places like Pickles or Manheim selling ex government fleet vehicles (Q Fleet).

Here is an example of an ex Q fleet 2011 Toyota Yaris Hatchback

This vehicle is automatic with optional safety pack in blue that I inspected for a first time car buyer at Manheim Car Auctions Brisbane.

Government Car Auctions Brisbane
If you’re not familiar with the Yaris, read the Used Car Review: Toyota Yaris 2005-2011 over at by David Morley a freelance motoring writer.

Here’s the Review and Rating By

Our rating: 3.5/5
Nuts and bolts

Engine/s: 1.3/1.5 4-cyl

Transmissions: 4-auto/5-man

Fuel economy (combined): 6.5 litres per 100km (1.3)/6.7 litres (1.5)

Safety rating (courtesy of 4 stars (5 stars with optional safety pack)


Super reliable, provided servicing has been regular.
Drives well with an emphasis on city maneuverability.
Choice of body styles
User-friendly interior with loads of storage and decent equipment

No stability control at any price
Side air-bags were only in optional safety pack. Many examples don’t have them
Sedan version somewhat less than attractive
Automatic lacking at least one ratio

Queensland Safety Certificate
This Toyota Yaris at Manheim Brisbane car auctions was an ex Queensland fleet car (Qfleet) used by the Department of Health only done around 40,000km with full service history.

The advantages of buying ex government fleet vehicles is they usually have good service history as this one did with low kilometres.




Roadworthy Certificate

This vehicle also came with a Queensland Safety Certificate.







Paint Damage

The only negative was that the vehicle was not garaged by the driver and as a result was weathered, meaning there was sun damage to the paint and fading of the plastic weather strips.

So, BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections gave this vehicle the tick of approval. The parents went to the auctions the following day in hope to bid and secure the car.





So, if you’re looking at buying your first or next used car and want to save some money consider the various car auctions in your area. Also if you’re interstate and interested in a vehicle in the Brisbane area get a mobile pre purchase car inspection by BPC.

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