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Buying Ex Mine Vehicle – Toyota Hilux Exposed

Buying ex mine vehicle can save you thousands but some vehicle components can be subject to corrosion as shown with this 2015 Toyota Hilux Dual Cab…

image toyota hilux ex mine vehicle front

2015 Toyota Hilux Front

Firstly there are mine vehicles that get parked next to the bosses donger (transportable cabin) and may occasionally go down to the pit like this Toyota Hilux I inspected then there are real mine vehicles that get used in the pit daily and taken underground.

Before getting down on your hands and knees to look in every nook and cranny. There are some obvious tell tale signs as to whether you’re buying an ex mine vehicle that has been used for its intentional purpose and subject to abuse or if you’re buying ex mine vehicle that has been the bosses pride and joy like the one below.

From first appearance ask yourself, “Is the vehicles appearance consistent with the age and  kilometers”.

Buying Ex Mine Vehicle – Some Obvious Tell Tale Signs

  • Holes on the roof or other areas where amber beacon lights have been fitted
  • Reflective sticker work
  • Red dust in the A/C vents

This 2015 Toyota Hilux (KUN26R) SR5 4-door utility done only 27,608 km didn’t show any of the obvious signs of any real ex mine use but when getting underneath to inspect the vehicle using a fine tooth comb look what I discovered.

Toyota Hilux Inspection Shows Components Subject To Corrosion

After the inspection and gathering all the other facts about the vehicle from the log books, PPSR report and other must do checks that I share in the eBook Buying A Private Car that you can download instantly.

If the vehicle passes all other important checks and with a bit of cleaning and protection along with a price that reflects its past history this vehicle shown could be a good buy.

Final reminder, even though this Toyota Hilux was just over 12 months old and done low kilometers don’t just assume no damage has been done, you still must get underneath and inspect it.

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