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2004 Toyota Prado – Are They Really Unbreakable?

2004 Toyota Prado do have their faults so before you hand over your hard earned cash make sure you know what you’re really buying and don’t just accept every Toyota is the same – unbreakable!
image 2004 toyota prado front
The Prado I inspected below belongs in the Lemon category because as you can see from the images below the vehicle looks good from a distance but when you get up closer and start inspecting things start to get ugly.

Most Toyota Prado, petrol or diesel are fundamentally good – they go well, they are safe, durable, reliable and very profitable for the manufacturer but they do have their common faults.

2004 Toyota Prado Common Problems

From new cracking dashboards were a common problem and they were replacing them under warranty so make sure you lift the dashboard protector if fitted to the Prado you’re inspecting, like I did with this one…

Another common problem is the back door can sag up to 3mm due to the weld/seam splitting near the bottom hinge so make sure you have a good look at the hinges and welds so you don’t have to go to the expense of getting a new door in some cases.

On closer inspection of the body it was revealed that this vehicle had been involved in an accident which is evident by the L.H.F guard not being repaired and fitted correctly also parts missing from the inner wheel well as you can see in the below images.

Also this vehicle is on the Written Off Vehicle Register – WOVR.

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