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WOVR Check – Car Write Off Status

WOVR Check or Car Write Off Status Check for a used car can be bought online but before buying an expensive report discover the number one tell-tale sign…

The registration number can be the window to the vehicle. By taking note of the first letter, for example at the time of writing this in Qld the first letter is “W” which tells us the vehicle has been unregistered and re-registered recently. If you’re buying a used car from a private seller this is a cause for concern and further investigation is needed by you?

A simple explanation could be the seller replaced personalized plates for standard plates. Or more seriously, the vehicle was taken off the road and repaired due to being in an accident or severe weather storm.

Having a look around the body work and underneath the car for newly replaced suspension, steering or under body parts can reveal the vehicle was involved in a major collision and is listed on the Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR).

What Is A Repairable Write Off?

A vehicle that has been assessed as uneconomical to repair is recorded on the Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) as a repairable write-off. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is recorded and every time you do PPSR Check or Car History Check you will see the accident and inspection dates.

In most states where repairable write-off vehicles can be registered like in Qld have to have two inspections:

In most cases, second hand cars for sale that are repairable write-offs will have done less than average kilometers due to being off the road.

When buying second hand cars from motor dealers in Qld or auction houses and the vehicle has a written off classification then the business needs to notify the buyer of the WOVR status but this is not the case when buying privately.

Quick Check Reveals An Ex Rental?

Another sign that can reveal the history of a car is the vehicle condition inside and out is not consistent with the kilometers the vehicle has traveled.

This occurs when you come across an ex rental car. The first sign could be the seat and steering wheel wear and tear is excessive along with more obvious signs like “NO Smoking” sticker attached to the window or the absence of a log book and service history.

Best & Cheapest Way To Get A PPSR Check Showing WOVR Check

If you need to do a PPSR check or Car History Check fast using a mobile device there are companies that allow you to do it in less than a couple of clicks and accept PayPal too.

image ppsr, wovr check

But if you’re on a desk top computer just go to PPSR.Gov.Au. More clicks of the mouse required but you still get to download the report instantly including WOVR check.

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