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Selling a Car in Qld – Complete Guide

Selling a Car in Qld can be very confusing because of many myths on what you need to know or do. Here we bust those myths & how you can sell fast & easy

Roadworthy Certificate/Safety Certificates Are the Same Inspection

There are many different terms used by each state of Australia which is why it can be confusing for both car buyers & car sellers in Queensland.

A Roadworthy Certificate or commonly known as a Pink Slip is used in NSW but the term Safety Certificate is used in Qld. If you live closer to the NSW/QLD border you will hear both terms used more often.

A Safety Certificate is Valid Until I Sell the Motor Vehicle

Safety Certificates are only valid for 2 months from the date it is issued or until the car has traveled an additional 2,000km whichever occurs first.

image to get safety certificate for selling a car in Qld

I’m going to be selling my car unregistered so I don’t need a Current Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate

If you’re selling a car in Qld and it is currently registered you need to obtain a Safety Certificate/Roadworthy Certificate.

You then display it on the car when you advertise it for sale.

If you need a Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane area consider using one of the  mobile service as they’re much more convenient.

The Seller Can Only Get a Safety Inspection at the Department of Transport and Main Roads

Inspection Stations that are approved by the Queensland Government can only issue Safety Certificates.

You’ll find Approved Inspection Stations at most service stations that offer garage or workshop services or why not have an authorized inspector come to you. Getting a mobile safety certificate can save you time, money and hassles because they come to you.

It is the Seller’s Responsibility to Transfer the Vehicle’s Registration Into the Buyer’s Name

The buyer needs to take the Safety Certificate, registration certificate and the Transfer Of Registration Form (F3520) completed by both seller & buyer to Queensland Transport and Main Roads to transfer the vehicle’s registration into their name.

The seller needs to keep his portion of the Transfer of Registration Form containing the Buyer’s name & address.

The Seller Does Not Have to do Anything if He/She Sells the Vehicle Unregistered

The seller needs to hand in the registration plates along with a completed Cancellation of Registration form (F3517) to the Department of Transport and Main Roads to de-register the vehicle.

The Seller Must Provide the Buyer With a Revs Certificate or Now Known as a PPSR Certificate to Show Clear Title (No Money Owing to Finance Company)

The seller does not have to provide a Revs Certificate or PPSR Certificate as that is the buyer’s responsibility, however the seller would want to disclose this information to the buyer before he/she makes that final buying decision.

When Selling a Car in Qld Do You Need Revs Check to Show Buyer?

No, however when selling a car in Qld a lot of car sellers choose to get a Revs Check or commonly known as a PPSR Check because the report shows:

  • Financial Encumbrances (Money owing on the vehicle)
  • Stolen Vehicle Status
  • Written Off Status
  • Storm, Flood, Collision
  • Repairable Write-Off
  • Vehicle Details: Make, Model, Year, Colour, Body Type, Vehicle Type, Engine Number, VIN
  • Rego Details: Rego Number, Rego Expiry, State
  • Official Certificate (PPSR)

A Safety Certificate Inspection is the Same as a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

A safety inspection is not the same as a pre purchase vehicle inspection because a safety inspection only relates to the vehicle passing the minimum safety standard requirements by a basic inspection of specific items including steering, brakes, lights, tires, suspension, body rust, damage windscreen etc. The inspection makes sure the vehicle is in a safe condition to operate on the road.

So, What is a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

When Buying a Used Car in Qld you should always get a pre purchase vehicle inspection by a qualified motor mechanic because this checks if the seller has put back what they have taken by having the vehicle regularly serviced and periodic service items replaced which determines the vehicles suitability for purchase and helps to establish the true value of the car.

Can Sellers Get Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections?

Yes, It is very common when selling a car in Qld that car sellers get a Mobile Vehicle Inspection so they can show the report to the prospective buyers, This gives the buyer peace of mind and gives the seller a powerful selling tool to help sell the car quicker.

If you live in the Brisbane Area and book a Mobile Vehicle Inspection with BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections you will get a Free Revs Check (Vehicle History Report With Official PPSR Certificate) You will be able to answer all the usual questions asked by Buyers with facts using both the Vehicle Inspection Report & Vehicle History Report.

As you can see using the Vehicle Identification Number (Vin Number) from the vehicle to do a Revs Check gives the seller what the buyer needs to know and wants to know which makes it a powerful selling tool to sell the car quicker. It gives you an official PPSR certificate or better known as the REVS Report.

Remember when buying a private car it is the buyer’s responsibility to check if there is any finance owing on vehicle. However the seller would want to disclose this information to the buyer before he/she makes that final buying decision. If there is a security interest attached go to Guide To Buying A Car With Finance Owing In 3 Simple Steps

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