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Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane Now More Convenient

Getting Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane or Safety Certificate used to be a hassle but not any more.
Are you tired of having to take time away from your busy daily schedule to get your car to a mechanic only to hear, “we’re pretty busy today, just leave the car with us & we’ll call you when it’s finished”. Ahhh, very frustrating!

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Mobile Roadworthy Certificate Brisbane – Approved Inspection Station On Wheels

Finally now you can have an approved inspection station come to you. Also Mobile Roadworthy Brisbane comes to you fast for safety inspections on:

  • cars
  • bikes
  • trailer
  • caravans
  • or even light trucks

Even if you have an unregistered vehicle there’s no more having to get a tow truck or an unregistered vehicle permit to get your car to a mechanic or authorized inspection station.

So When Is A Roadworthy Certificate Required?

If you’re new to Qld or just unsure when a Roadworthy Certificate or now known as Safety Certificate is required see below: You need a roadworthy certificate if:

Here’s a Video On How To Register A Used Car In Queensland

A safety inspection is not a full comprehensive inspection of the complete vehicle. So if you’re buying a used car from a private seller, car dealer or even car auctions I recommend you get a mobile pre purchase car inspection.

So How Long Does A Roadworthy Certificate Last?

Queensland Roadworthy Certificate expiry is different for both private sellers and car dealers:

  • Private Sellers 2 months or 2,000 km whichever comes first at the time of issue
  • Car Dealers 3 months or 1,000km whichever comes first at the time of issue

If you’re located in Brisbane Qld and need a qld safety certificate I recommend Mobile Roadworthy Brisbane. You will be connected to an authorized inspector closest to where you are located. Delivering fast, friendly & professional service & the best part, they come to you!

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