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Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection Can Save You

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If you’re buying a used car and don’t know much about cars then getting a pre purchase vehicle inspection makes sense but some say it’s a waste of money.

So, What Exactly Is A Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

Simple, lets you know, mechanical status, any serviceable parts that need replacing or immediate problems to be fixed. You can also use the report to negotiate the price down.

So, why do some people think it’s a waste of money? Because they’re still asking the important question, “should I buy this vehicle or not?” If you choose a company specialising in vehicle inspections you can get that all important question answered and here’s why.

Vehicle History Check Must Be Included In A Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection

I don’t just mean the Vehicle History Report you purchase using the VIN Number that tells you if the vehicle is encumbered, written off or stolen. I mean an overall assessment that determines, type of use, condition and valuation of the vehicle. This lets you know if its worth the seller’s asking price.

Has The Seller Put Back What They’ve Taken?

Don’t just rely on the service books and what the seller says. Report should indicate regular servicing, replacement of serviceable parts and any necessary repairs carried out.

Also is the vehicle condition consistent with the age and kilometres travelled? For example, is the vehicle heavily weathered or has excessive interior wear around seats and steering wheel. This may mean possible odometer rollback. You definitely want to know this.

Are You Buying What You Think You’re Buying?

Secondly, is the vehicle compliance year the same as manufactures year? In some cases there can be up to 2 years difference thinking you’re buying a 2012 model when it’s a 2010 model. Lengthy transit times for vehicles from different countries of origin or vehicles held in a compounds when the ship docks can cause this big gap. Also the vehicle sitting on the car dealers showroom floor.

Exposure to any corrosive materials like excessive sand or salt water can be costly. Here’s an example of a 2015 Toyota Hilux that looks like new but the underbody and drive line tells a different story.

Any Defects In Body Or Chassis?

Thirdly, Inspecting vehicle body and chassis for rust, accident damage and flood damage is an absolute must.

Serious hail damage but not listed on the Written Off Vehicle Register (WOVR) can be a deal breaker. If you open the doors and look closely you can find witness marks on all the fasteners and hinges that indicate repairs carried out. Once again, you want to know this because why would you want to pay top dollar for a car that has been repaired when you can pay the same amount for a one owner gem.

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