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Cheap Car for Sale Doesn’t Mean a Lemon!

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Cheap car for sale doesn’t mean it’s a lemon, it can be heavily discounted due to the owners circumstances. Here you can discover where these sellers are and the magic ingredient that makes the seller more motivated so you can grab a bargain when buying your first or next vehicle.

With the recent downturn in the global economy there are more second hand cars for sale by private sellers on the market than ever before. This means you can be assured of a buyer’s market but be warned don’t pay the sellers asking price because this is usually higher than the market price.

The main reason sellers want more than market value other than trying to achieve their payout figure with the finance company is not all sellers have to sell their car today so they’re happy to wait for the best offer to come around.

Also It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying private sale used cars or dealer used cars, if the seller doesn’t have any urgency it is harder to negotiate the price down, so what’s the answer?

A popular place where savvy car buyers go looking for genuine motivated sellers of private sale used vehicles are the Traveler or Backpacker Car Clubs that look after overseas tourists.

These tourists usually stay longer than the average holiday period and then need to sell their car quickly without any hassles when they’re finished.

They usually have a certain date to leave the country by or they have a return ticket that they can’t change which gives buyers real opportunity to negotiate and grab a bargain.

Also tourists usually meet other travelers forming a network giving you a choice. Many car buyers believe this is a great way to save money.

Finding a genuine motivated seller can be difficult sometimes because the real reason to sell from the owner can be hidden or not genuine to avoid looking desperate but if you want to grab a cheap car finding a genuine motivated seller is very important.

Also, by knowing the owner is selling the car because he or she has to leave the country is greater peace of mind for the buyer you’re not buying a lemon.

What to Look for When Inspecting Cheap Car for Sale?

When inspecting older second hand vehicles most people will overlook the condition of the body and paint work. You need to know if the vehicle is roadworthy and the overall mechanical condition to determine if there are any unused kilometers or miles left before handing over any money.

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