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Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Meaning

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles is the new buzz word going around in the automotive market place so lets find out what this all means in simple terms.

Pre Owned Meaning?

A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle or comonly known as CPO is any vehicle that meets a certain criteria. The vehicle usually has to have a:

  • Mechanical Inspection
  • Full Service History
  • Low Age
  • Low Mileage
  • Factory Backed Warranty
  • Like New Condition

The term Certified Pre-Owned does have its variations so be careful. CPO vehicles are sold at franchise dealers and offer factory extended warranty. Independant dealers can also use the term Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle but they offer alternative inspections and warranties. An example is BPC Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for sale.

Why Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Is The New Buzz Word?

Consumers are now more educated & confident than ever before when it comes to buying and selling second hand vehicles thanks to the internet. With the increase of private sellers and buyers along with car auction houses tageting the general public, car dealers are hurting. Car dealers need to reinvent themselves and look to the future so CPO is their best chance.

Why Buy A Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle?

Car buyers can save thousands by buying a CPO vehicle compared to a new a new vehicle. Luxury marques were first to create CPO programs but Toyota Pre-Owned Vehicles are becoming more common along with other main stream manufactures. You still get all the benefits that come with a new car without the depreciation hit new cars suffer. Ok so it’s not new but if it has been well looked after it should still smell like new.

What Are The Benefits To Dealers?

image showing certified pre-owned vehicles

The benefit the dealer gets other than a sale is a new customer and multiple opportunities to upsell. There are multiple products dealers offer like:

  • Finance
  • Aftermarket
  • Protection
  • Warranties

The other benefit that the dealer gets and is considered the most important contrary to what you hear at times is the dealer gets an opportunity to build a strong relationship. This is important so the customer remains loyal to the dealer and brand because there may be an upsell opportunity into a new car.

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