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Brisbane Car Dealers Responsibilities To Buyer

Brisbane Car Dealers
Buying used cars from Brisbane car dealers in Qld is the safest way of knowing you are not buying a used car with finance owing. Also if the odometer reading is less than 160,000 km and date of manufacture is less than 10 years before the sale date it comes with a statutory warranty.

What is a Statutory Warranty when Buying a Used Car From a Licensed Motor Dealer?

Dealer statutory warranty basically protects you from financial loss. If the vehicle happens to not live up to its intended purpose or is worn out and no longer works you have protection.

Is this is like a manufactures warranty or dealer used car warranty?

No, So make sure you get the dealer to explain. Read this article to learn more about Guarantees and Warranties for Used Cars to learn more.

Should I Still Get A Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

Absolutely. Buying a used car from dealer is still the safest way to buy a used car but you still have to do your homework. After getting an independent vehicle inspection you will know exactly what you’re paying for. If you’re located interstate and cannot view the vehicle don’t just rely on photos from the advertisement or what the salesperson is telling you.

BPC Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections gives you a comprehensive pre purchase mechanical inspection report along with images so you get the facts about the car you’re interested in fast.

Are Brisbane Car Dealers Generally Good To Deal With?

Brisbane Car Dealers too often get tarred with the same brush. Being in the automotive industry for some time I quite often hear many negative stories about second hand car dealers taking advantage of car buyers. The truth is and I think you will agree no two dealers are the same.

If you exclude them when you’re on the look out for your first or next used car you could be making your search more difficult than it already is.

We find most dealers are great to buy from. They want to know if the vehicle you’re interested in has any faults after we inspect it. They genuinely want to do the right thing and fix any faults.

There are many benefits buying from second-hand car dealers. Yes in most cases you will pay more but the convenience, guarantees and warranties do make it worth it.

Also another good tip is to get a post purchase inspection just before the statutory warranty period ends.

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