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Smart Guide To Buying Used Cars

Buying Used Cars DIY free checklist so you know what type of vehicle to buy that will suit your needs and wants and protect yourself from buying a lemon…

Before heading out into the market place you should know what type of vehicle to buy or have a list of makes and models that you think will suit your needs and wants.

You don’t want to end up buying totally with your emotions because you might end up with a 2 door sports car that is not good if you’re starting a family, trust me it does happen so here’s two powerful questions so you don’t get caught choosing the wrong type of vehicle.

What Vehicle Body Type Do I Need?

Sedan, Wagon, S.U.V, 4 Wheel Drive…

When buying second hand cars researching different vehicle body types that car manufactures offer and reading used car reviews using the internet like before going out in the market place will help you decide which of the following is important to you:

  • space
  • convenience
  • Accessibility – rear compartment
  • Practicality
  • Looks and styling
  • Off road use
  • Towing capacity

After deciding what body style would suit your needs the best you can then find different vehicle manufacturers that offer that body style in the car size of your choice.

What is my Budget?

Having a budget helps you to prioritize the many features car makers offer.
When choosing smaller features try to think about the benefits not only to the driver but regular passengers as well. Some smaller features with big benefits include:

  • Electric windows – convenience, driver operated, prevent kids from operating when in back seat.
  • Electric side mirrors – quick an easy to adjust for non regular driver.
  • Safety features like ABS brakes – Safer for wet weather driving or on icy roads.
  • Fog Lights – safer for country driving
  • DVD players – keep the kids amused on long trips

Once you know specifically what type of vehicle is going to suit you and or your families needs along with the features that will give you the most benefit it is time for the used car checklist (see below) to do its work so you can weed out those second hand cars not worth anymore consideration.

Video titled – Bought the Wrong Car

Avoid Buying A Lemon When Buying Used Cars

Free Used Car Checklist for Buying Used Cars

Grab my Used Car Checklist which is free so you can weed out the unwanted used cars and discover the wanted ones!

Even if you know Zero about cars this will help you when buying used cars from private sellers, dealers or car auctions.

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